Teammate Global License Support And Services Agreement

1.4 Additional features. We will inform you of additional conditions and/or alternative agreements before activating additional features. The activation of additional functions by you in your account is considered to be the acceptance of the applicable additional conditions or other agreements, if any. 5.1 Each party protects the other party`s confidential information from unauthorized use, unauthorized access or disclosure in the same way that each party protects its own confidential information, but with due diligence. unless expressly authorized by this agreement, each party may use the other party`s confidential information exclusively for the exercise of its respective rights and fulfill its obligations under this agreement, and (a) disclose this confidential information (a) exclusively to staff members and/or non-employee service providers and service providers who must be aware of this confidential information and which are bound by confidentiality rules designed to prevent the misuse of such confidential information; (b) if necessary, to comply with an order or summons of an administrative authority or competent court; or (c) as is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable legislation or regulations. The provisions of this section 5 control any confidentiality agreement between the parties and between the parties, and such a confidentiality agreement no longer has any power or effect with respect to the exchange of confidential information after the implementation of this agreement. To be clear, any exchange of confidential information prior to the implementation of the agreement remains subject to such a confidentiality agreement. 2.4 System requirements. A high-speed Internet connection is required to ensure the proper transmission of services. You are responsible for acquiring and maintaining network connections that connect your network to Services, including, but not limited, navigation software, zendesk`s protocols, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) or other protocols accepted by Zendesk, and to follow the procedures for accessing the services that support these protocols. We are not responsible for informing you, agents or end-users, of any updates, corrections or improvements made to such software or any risk to data, including service data, transmitted by computer networks or telecommunications equipment (including, but not limited to the Internet) that are not held, operated or controlled by Zendesk. We assume no responsibility for the reliability or performance of the connections as described in this section. 7.3 A “subscriber contribution” is a source code created by the subscriber in conjunction with consulting services, which is specifically identified in a SOW.

The subscriber and Zendesk agree that the subscriber retains ownership of subscriber contributions and the subscriber licenses Zendesk non-exclusively for the use and exercise of subscriber contributions for the provision of advisory services and services. 1.2 Support. We offer you at no additional cost the appropriate standard customer support available for services, as shown on the website and related documentation, and updated support if purchased. “Associated Services,” products, services, functions and functions to use in relation to services not included in the service plan you subscribe to. In order to avoid doubts, additional functions, which are expressly considered separate additional conditions, are not considered an associated service.