Share Purchase Agreement For Listed Company

This agreement, including flight plans, annexes and all other arrangements between the parties specifically mentioned in this agreement, constitutes the entire agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to the undertakings. This agreement replaces all previous letters of intent and contract heads, as well as confidentiality agreements between one of the parties with respect to the transactions covered in this agreement. 2.1. The total purchase price payable for all shares (purchase price), subject to adjustments in Sections 6 and 9, is the sum of the euros, subject to such adjustments. Guarantees and responsibilities must be verified to ensure that there is no misrepresentation. If this happens and is found later, it will be possible legal action and appeal. There may be an adjustment of the purchase price after the transaction, in which the seller obtained the buyer`s refund in case of misrepresentations. The purchase of shares is an acquisition of the ownership of a business, while the acquisition of assets is a sale of the assets and liabilities of the company. The company`s assets may include value, machinery, intellectual property, etc. A dividend is a share of the group`s profit that a shareholder receives at regular intervals during the year.

Dividends are paid per share (p.B $0.10 per share) and are used to give shareholders a positive return on holding shares. An entity can pay any percentage of its profits in the form of a dividend, but most pay less than 100%, so that the entity has assets to invest, do business, unforeseen expenses or business losses in subsequent years. You can retain ownership of the asset acquisition and you lose when buying shares. 5.1. The sale and purchase planned in point 2.1 is completed at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer`s premises in Barcelona at least three (3) working days after the notification referred to in point 3.3 (or on another date that can be agreed upon by the parties), provided that the previous one referred to in point 3.1 (d) is immediately completed before completion. if the share purchase agreement is a contract in which all terms of sale and purchase of the company`s shares are concluded.