Research Funding Agreement Template

Complete agreement, severnability and change. This grant agreement is the whole of our agreement and replaces all prior written or written agreements or communications between us regarding their purpose. The provisions of this grant agreement are dissociable in such a way that, where a provision is found to be null, illegal or unenforceable, that finding does not affect the validity, construction or applicability of a residual provision. This grant agreement can only be amended by the written agreement of the parties. The purpose of the grant. The purpose of this grant is to review the “TITLE” as described in your presentation of specific objectives reviewed by the Science Advisory Board (SAB) for the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund (APMRF) of Notre Dame and approved for funding at the level described in your proposal (the “proposal”) and the budget (the “budget”; together the “project”). Report format. You must report on grant spending and your progress on the project. Your reports should at least contain your results, all publications or presentations from this research and ensure that the funds were spent as you proposed in the portion of your grant budget.

They also agree to submit other reports that the university can reasonably request. intellectual property. The intellectual property you have developed under this grant agreement is the property of you, subject to the conditions applicable to it. They must contact the university regarding the identification and protection of all intellectual property rights developed under the project and cooperate with the university. The university has the opportunity to express itself on patent applications or any other legal protection with your appropriate cooperation. Within 12 months (but under no circumstances less than 6 months from a legal exclusion date that excludes a request for protection) disclosure to the university of the IP project, you will decide whether you intend to seek appropriate legal protection of this intellectual property developed by the project. In the event that you opt for the legal protection of intellectual property developed by Project, you must prepare and file appropriate patent applications or pursue any other appropriate legal protection covering intellectual property. In the event that you choose not to seek patent protection or pursue other appropriate legal protection, not to fully pursue patent protection, to otherwise refuse or to abstain from the intellectual property developed under the project, the university has the right to claim and protect the property of that intellectual property.